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About Us

JEB IMAGES is based in Randburg, Gauteng South Africa...


I shoot both commissioned & non-commissioned work, charities and for any other freelance work  whilst building my own portfolio and business as JEB IMAGES Photography.


For as far back as I can recall, I always had a love for photography. Little did I know that back in 2003 when I held my first digital camera, that the passion and desire to become a full time photographer would be as intense. My love for the art, coupled with enthusiasm and drive, has driven me in more ways than I've imagined. Photography has created a variety of opportunities and prospects for me. I shoot and shoot some more, when-ever, where-ever and just for the love of it whilst at the same time building lasting & sustainable relationships in the process.


JEB IMAGES and John Botha are synonomous, in that there's a constant strive to excel, do more and to ensure images and work are done to client satisfaction.


JEB IMAGES photography covers:



Performing Arts




Events & Functions


...and whatever else comes my way. I'm up for the challenge :)

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